Northactv is a fitness and lifestyle apparel brand, manufacturer and online retailer based in the United Kingdom. Created in 2018 by Richard Marley with just £240, Northactv now proudly ships to over 68 countries worldwide.

Our customers are our world - As a customer driven and focused brand, Southgainz has now grown from an idea that began in a one bedroom apartment in 2018, to a global brand now recognised in 68 countries.

We believe we exist to make as much people as we can aware through our apparels that it is ok to fail - in fact, we believe that if you're not failing; then you're not even trying.

Northactv is led by:

Richard Marley - Founder
Pamela Squige- Managing Director
Paul Vros - Chief Strategic Officer
Stacey Knowles  - Brand officer
Lisa Cole - Chief Marketing Officer



Dedication – we are committed to ensuring that our customers continue to trust the Northactv brand by ensuring constant and excellent customer service. We will continue to listen to our customers and take on board, ideas and creative criticisms.

Innovation, Design & Technology – We are committed to continuously searching for better Innovation, design & technology. We will always ensure that all our products are always at the forefront of every relevant innovation, design & technology within the fitness & lifestyle apparel industry – showing evidence of first to create, and market creation of a defendable competitive advantage.

Family – we strongly believe in family. We believe that a better product and brand is a reflection of ideas from different individuals coming together as a family to share one vision.