At  Southgainz we like to reward - I mean let's face it, who doesn't like a bit of reward?

In fact, because we strongly believe that hard work should always be rewarded one way or the other, we decided to keep it simple and came up with the unique idea to reward our wonderful customers and followers with a £5 cash reward when we post their photos on our instagram or facebook page.

Just so you know, your photo doesn't have to be professionally shot or something magical - just a sharp and clear photo of yourself in your Southgainz gear either in or outside the gym will do.

There is no limit to the amount of photos you can send - the more photos you send, the more you earn.

  1. Simply take a sharp and clear shot of yourself in your Southgainz gear (Please note that photos with logos or names of other brands clearly visible will not be accepted).
  2. Direct message us your photo or video to either our instagram, facebook or alternatively email them to us at
  3. Once your photo is received, a member of our team will then ask you to confirm that you're happy for us to post your photo on our social media. At this stage, we will also ask you to confirm your preferred method of payment - it's that simple!


  • Ensure that no other clothing brand name or logo is visible in your photo.
  • Although your photos(s) don't have to be professionally shot or magical, please ensure it is sharp, clear and shot under a decent lighting condition.
  • Ensure the Southgainz brand name or logo is clearly visible in your photo.


  • We will never post your photo unless you consent to us doing so, so ensure to reply our team member asap so that your payment is processed quickly.
  • We will never post your photo until after 5 days of paying you your £5 -  this is to give plenty time for you to receive your payment before we post.
  • Tagging you in your posted photo(s) will only be at the discretion of Southgainz as sometimes we may or may not tag you when posting.
  • Southgainz may choose to post the same photo more than once, but only a one off payment of £5 will be made to the cash receiver.
  • We don't guarantee that your photo(s) will be selected. Non selected photo(s) will be deleted safely or kept for a period of 2 weeks for later review and consideration - if after 2 weeks your photo(s) is still not cosidered, it will be discarded safely and permanently from our system.
  • For any more enquires, please reach us at